Jump into ice cream business!

If you have your own spot or you are running a business ( a bar, a pizzeria, a restaurant, a shop) and you have some free space , we encourage you to cooperate with our company. We provide favorable conditions of cooperation and professional help in opening an ice cream parlor.

Franchising system description.

What do we offer?

  • You are allowed to use Gotti brand – a nationwide ice cream parlor chain.
  • We provide menu, graphic layout and advertising materials.
  • We will help you to find a right spot.
  • We will help you to adapt the place.
  • We will help you to buy a machine.
  • We will help you to struggle with all formalities.
  • We will organize ice cream production process training.
  • We will train your staff.
  • We will teach you how to use ice cream maker.
  • We ensure supply of ingredients and components which are used in ice cream production process.

What do we require?

  • Franchisee should have the property which has from 10 to 25 square meters or at least 3 square meters in the existing point or just enough space to create ice cream island which has around 4 square meters.
  • Place should be adapted to ice cream production – approximately 2-4 thousands PLN
  • The franchisee should have a machine for producing ice cream
  • You can buy a brand new ice cream maker – 37000 PLN
  • You can lease the machine – 2000 PLN/month
  • No initial fees required. The monthly fee is 500 PLN netto.

No experience required
We will answer on all questions and give you useful advices

pic_franchizing Attention

We are looking for franchisees in Russia, Czech Republic and England. If you are interested feel free to contact us.

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