About us


Gotti - A nationwide ice cream parlor chain

Our company was created from passion and love we have for eating ice cream.. First Gotti ice cream parlor was opened at Długa 7 in 2001. The second one was opened a one year later at Old Market Square in Łomża. The next one was opened next to bus station in Łomża.

Popularity of Gotti ice cream was growing rapidly and as a consequence we opened next ice cream parlors. That is how everything started. We are constantly developing and looking for new flavors and inspirations because happiness, passion, and dreams are very important in Ice Cream production process. Currently Gotti is a nationwide ice cream parlors chain offering soft serve and swirl ice creams.

Our motto

We offer delicious, fresh and wholesome ice cream served in crunchy ice cream cones. You can choose between vanilla, cream and chocolate flavor. Ice cream combined with a range of various additives is a great desert especially on hot summer days. Our ice cream is prepared very carefully using the recipe which is based on cream and vanilla.

Our clients, both, the small ones and the big ones, are very important to us. We offer different ice cream variations but whims of clients are always welcomed. We do our best to meet the expectations of our customers.

When we create our ice cream compositions we rely on our own taste and childish fantasy. That is why some of our compositions may be surprising but delicious. Our secret is all about loving what we do. We make ice cream and we enjoy eating them.. We encourage everyone to try our ice cream and we promise our loyal clients that Gotti always deliciously cool your palate.